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Fauna is a small oasis strategically located on the main pedestrian strip of the Old City and just a few feet away from the main points of interest in the city.

Ciudad Vieja is the heritage quarter of Montevideo, boasting historical buildings and fine examples of several types and mixes of architecture. You will find a very rich variety of renovated historic buildings, some which have been fantastically restored, while others stand in complete decay.

The place is unique, not only noted for its museums and renowned buildings but also for the great diversity of its people and the variety in the cultural landscape that can be encountered. The workers from the 'feria' (bi-weekly food street market) mix up with dressed up office workers and bankers strolling by, cruise ship tourists wonder around snapping photos while the drums from the 'Candombe' musicians march down the strip, encountering the neighborhoods inhabitants and the usual characters of the 'barrio'. The photo ops are endless!

Besides the huge cultural variety, there are large amounts of options for food. Some well known contemporary local chefs have opened shop in Ciudad Vieja, while many of the towns main 'parrilladas' (steakhouses) work in the traditional 'Mercado del Puerto', new specialty coffee stores together and modern or traditional pastries. All can be found within a few blocks from FAUNA.



The best way to move around the neighborhood is by foot. We stand on a pedestrian street and just a block away, you will find one of the main bus stops where buses are available to most other parts of town. An easy alternative we recommend is UBER.

For those wanting to explore beyond Ciudad Vieja, we recommend a walk down the 'Rambla´ boardwalk, just 3 blocks away. A pleasant 30 minute stroll lining the Rio de la Plata, will take you to Playa Ramírez. Those wanting to exercise, can rent a bicycle to pedal the 20 km down the Rambla all the way to Carrasco and back, this will show you most of the city's charming coastline. Rental electric mopeds are now also available.

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Some of Montevideo's most popular attractions are located within a few minutes walk from FAUNA:

Museo de Artes Decorativas

Museo Torres Garcia

Museo Fígari

Museo Gúrvich

Museo Romántico - Casa de Antonio Montero

Museo Histórico - Casa de Fructuoso Rivera

Museo del Carnaval

Museo de Arte Precolombino e Indígena

Museo de las Migraciones

Museo Andes 1972

Museo de la Casa de Gobierno - Palacio Estevez

Catedral de Montevideo

Iglesia San Francisco de Asis

Plaza Zabala

Plaza Matriz

Plaza Independencia

Puerta de la Ciudadela

Mausoleo de Artigas

El Cabildo

Teatro Solís

Auditorio Nacional del SODRE (ballet)

Palacio Salvo

Templo Inglés

CCE (Centro Cultural de España)

Café Brasilero

Libreria 'Puro Verso'

Cinemateca Uruguaya

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